Unparalleled Challenge, Unprecedented Opportunity

Preachers, teachers, and Christians of all ages:

We have an unparalleled challenge and an Unprecedented opportunity!

By Frank Becker

1977-1982: Pastor Frank Becker co-hosting his daily station-sponsored 2-hour talk show

Your unparalleled Challenge? For the foreseeable future, there will be no “church” as we have come to practice it.

Yes, 100-million Americans are stuck in their homes, continually bombarded with stressful stories by the media, many with frustrated kids underfoot, and all with too little to do to occupy their minds and hands.

Your Unprecedented Opportunity? Some of our mega-churches have the technology and experience to produce weekly services and maybe a bit more. They ought to have 24-hour a day broadcasting!

But YOU too are capable of making a significant contribution. Jesus said, “Occupy ’till I come!” So let’s get busy. If you think you are not equal to the opportunity, you’re right! You need the anointing power of the Holy Spirit. So when in doubt, ask God!

Churches can produce weekly and even daily story times for small children. Likewise, fellowships can produce new or simply broadcast existing graded Sunday school, children’s church, or Christian day school lessons. There’s potential for parents to discuss parenting. There’s need for Christian counseling. And there’s plenty of opportunity for godly teens and adults to communicate with one another, to entertain, edify, educate, and evangelize. About what? The Bible. Life! Liberty! Jesus!

There’s a big world. out there hungering for something hopeful.

Do your part to flood the social media with the Truth!

Numerous technical tools are available. Some are simple, some more complex, but countless skilled individuals are sitting around twiddling their thumbs at a time when they could be assisting preachers, teachers and you to get the Word out!

Keep your messages as succinct and positive as possible, remaining sympathetic to the fact that many people are ill and others are living in pain and sorrow because of their loss.

Leave the politics alone! Glorify Jesus! What’s to keep you from recalling some testimony from your own life, then recording it on your mobile phone and uploading it to Youtube, Facebook, or some other social medium?

Get your kids involved. They are imaginative, enthusiastic, and often ingenious.

If you are beginning to miss being at your workplace, at your school, or even alone in the quiet of your home, it’s time to get busy. Get your family, friends, and associates involved.

Jesus gave us our commission: “Go ye therefore, and teach all nations.”

Never before has the Church had the tools to take advantage of a situation like this. Let’s pray for God to begin a great revival among us — his people. Let’s pray that we can reach millions around the world while they are locked down and looking for The Way, the Truth, and the Life.”

For more information along this line, See Frank Becker’s book, The Depression Proof Church: The Biblical Answer to the Church in Crisis,” available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble.


In loving memory of Brother Al, the Reverend Alexander W. Salay,