“Decision Time…”

By Frank Becker

When the artist’s two little boys first saw this painting, they ran from the room in stark terror. When a Bible college professor saw it, he was offended because the man seen kneeling in the grass was naked. When the artist’s wife saw the painting, she understood that these men had made their decisions. One was clothed in the righteousness of Christ alone, and the other had chosen the path of death.

But look deeper. Those are YOUR hands grasping the maw of the earth, holding on for just a moment longer before you go the way of all flesh. YOU are the person gazing upon this scene, and YOU have little time to choose your eternal destiny.

You may continue to seek the elusive treasures of this world, and lust after the things of this life, OR you may receive the gift of eternal life that God has provided through the sacrifice Christ made on your behalf.

Time is running out!

“The day of the LORD is near,” and you are in the valley of decision!

Multitudesmultitudes in the valley of decision: for the day of the LORD is near in the valley of decision.” (Joel 5:14).