War’s Desolation (Book 1 in the Chronicles of CC)

Book 1, "War's Desolation"
Book 1, “War’s Desolation”


America is perilously weak — her economy a shambles, her dollar devalued, her military neglected, and her citizens demoralized and divided. Opportunistic politicians continue to be supported by those to whom they have promised free food, housing, and health care. These politicians, with their failed ideas, show contempt for the laws and institutions they are sworn to protect, and for the hard-working Americans they’ve exploited to promote their agendas. In an effort to tranquilize their own guilt, they attempt to destroy anyone who so much as makes them feel in any way guilty about their political actions and life-styles, even characterizing those who differ with them as guilty of hate crimes. As a result, they seek to silence all opposing voices, and are determined to silence America’s Christians and Jews. Tragically, these politicians have also encouraged America’s enemies — nations and terrorist organizations who are secretly planning to invade the United States. Prior to the outbreak of war, these politicians begin attacks on one of their most outspoken critics. Forced to run for his life, he is injured in an auto accident and awakens at the outbreak of war in a hospital X-ray room, his memory gone. “War’s Desolation” is the first book in a series that chronicles his desperate efforts to survive the war, discover his identity, and resist the enemy.

The Author

Frank Becker has been an entrepreneur, civil defense officer, politician, church founder, pastor, Christian school administrator, and radio-talk-show host. He is founder and president of Cross Trainers Ministries, now celebrating its tenth anniversary. Frank and his wife Joy have been married fifty years. They live near Houston.

Reviews (From Amazon’com readers)

5 Stars   Very descriptive and fast paced!

By JB Stopford on November 28, 2013

I have read a book by Mr. Becker before and so already knew his style and grasp of the English language – or so I thought. This book overwhelmed me. Fast paced. VERY descriptive – you feel like you’re part of the scene. You are glued to each characters need, and the way many seek God’s help in times of trouble – or are reminded that they used to do that, and need to get back to their roots. His vision of the future of our country – much less the world – might not be too far off. The question I ask myself after reading this book is: what difference can I make in the time I have left, with the knowledge of the Savior and the cross that God has given me? Thank you, Frank, for a rich book. Looking forward to the next one!

5 Stars   Is this truth or fiction?

By infosec on November 21, 2013

Once you get into the first couple of pages, it turns into an edge of the seat thriller.

Great adventure novel. Kinda scary if you keep up with the news at all.

So where’s the next book? I want to know what happens next!

5 Stars   Gripping. Superb.

By cp on November 21, 2013

Terrifying and fascinating. What a plot. We’re reading headlines that seem to play right into the book’s premise each day — it makes me wonder HOW MUCH the author actually knew in advance!

Mr. Becker is obviously very experienced at his craft, but I didn’t feel that the book talked down to me. Even complex technical parts were quickly and clearly explained, and loved the description of the makeshift axe — there’s actually a photo in the book. Great detail.

This is a seriously well-written novel and realistic: given current events, it leaves you wondering just when it’s going to actually occur!

5 Stars   A good read!

By Kevin Nicholas on December 12, 2013

Great story, interesting characters and development. I looking forward to the next book! Would you have what it takes to survive as these characters are attempting?

5 Stars   Amazing!

By Laura L. Hope, on August 1, 2014

From the perspective of a writing teacher, I found Mr. Becker’s description of the various settings to be profound; I was able to “see” everything the characters saw. The vocabulary is amazingly strong and well-versed, easily understood through context. I appreciated the indiscernible opportunity to learn while enjoying such a thrilling ride. The characters are real, well-rounded, and relatable. I cannot say enough. Solid A.
As a reader, I was blown away. I was compelled, captivated, and closed off from the world around me from chapter one, page one of this book. You will feel the same whether this is your preferred genre or not. Mr. Becker can spin a yarn and this one is so close to truth that it is scarey. Odd combination? Check it out. Well worth the read!

 5 Stars   A real page turner…

By Shmuel Birnbaum, on January 9, 2014

I guess the best thing you can say about a book is that you really regret that it has to end. While the subject is a terrifying, mind boggling one, the skill of Frank Becker in portraying his characters draws you into deep identification with them. I was left hanging at the end of the book. I am looking forward to starting Book 2 and see what happens.

Product Details

  • Series: The Chronicles of CC
  • Paperback: 214 pages
  • Publisher: Greenbush Press; 2 edition (February 12, 2014)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 0983646031
  • ISBN-13: 978-0983646037
  • Product Dimensions: 5 x 0.5 x 8 inches
  • Shipping Weight: 10.4 ounces

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