Pastoral Service


Led by the Lord, Frank Becker closed his business in 1970, and entered the ministry. He first served as the pastor of a church in Lyons, New York, where he immediately recognized the love and dedication in the hearts of some members of his congregation, and their frustration at being unable to accomplish more for the Lord.


Moving on to Troy and Albany, Frank worked with groups of incredibly dedicated fellow servants. The fellowships founded rapidly growing bus ministries, award-winning Christian schools, and reached thousands with the message of Christ.

Capital Christian Church, Troy, NY, 1982

Capital Christian Church, 1982

Over an eleven year period, Frank  pastored three conventional churches, rehabilitating two and pioneering the third.  He was the founder and administrator of Capital Christian Church and Academy, which became an award-winning Christian school for grades K-12.

While pastoring this independent, non-denominational church, Frank co-hosted “Telatalk,” a 3-hour daily Christian radio talk show in New York’s capital region. His regular guests included the late Jerry Falwell, founder of Liberty University; David Gibbs, Sr,  founder of The Christian Law Association, and Jack Wyrtzen , founder of Word of Life Ministries.

Pastor Becker organized Home Church, Inc in 1976, and helped open several New Testament churches. As founder and president of the decade old Cross Trainers Ministries, Frank remains a leader of the scriptural movement to promote church leadership opportunities for “non-professionals” in the spirit of Luther, Wesley, and, of course, the Apostle Paul.

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