The Cross Trainers Mission

Cross Trainers Ministries, Inc. strives to fulfill the Great Commission of Jesus Christ(Mt 28:18-20) by enthusiastically promoting the active participation of every Christian in the work of ministry.

Consistent with the New Testament record, Cross Trainers strives to motivate and empower all Christians, regardless of present affiliation, to discover, explore, develop, and exercise every gift with which the Lord may bless them, encouraging them to limit the size of local fellowships so that, instead of being spectators, every attendee will become a participant, recognizing his or her opportunity and obligation to grow in grace and in favor with God and man, to the end that they continually strive to reach others and encourage them with the Good News, each one driven to recognize complete dependence upon God for success in life and ministry, subsequently growing in skill and commitment even as they continually help prepare others to walk the same path of service, prayerfully sending out he more mature to establish additional fellowships as the Lord adds to His church daily, conserving the resources ordinarily expended on elaborate physical and organizational structures, and distributing funds for the relief of orphans, widows, and God’;s needy servants according to the principals of the Word of God.

To fulfill this worldwide mission, Cross Trainers continually strives to expand its program of biblical training and guidance through the ministry of the local church, employing the spoken and printed word as well as electronic media to encourage and assist Christians everywhere to explore and cultivate opportunities for service, and consequently—as in the biblical record—accelerate the growth of Christ’s church.

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