“New Life”

By Joy Becker, MA

My life hovers now in timeless space
I taste the breath of new,
Leaving me spaces blank and unknown
What kind of glory is this?

How can I endure such beauty — to have
my path strewn with opening blossoms. Golden light
Illumines the path
God Himself.

And I am here: present—
Soaking in this knowing
The taste sweeter than manna
And wine from the deepest well.

How could You know this way
What I need, a place for me now to work and play
A river of delight.
I am undone with joy.

Even in the sorrows of worn down selves,
Needing to be pulled from the pit – the C word
I know there is more.
I can’t wait to see—
To light the lamp given me.

Oh God,
My heart is taken. Sealed!
My heart is glad and will be
Until the light lessens and
Is no more.
See? I am yours.