Take another look at “The Depression Proof Church: The Biblical Answer to the Church in Crisis”

When The Depression Proof Church was first published, it received praise from several seminary presidents.

Dr. John Kenzy, President of Youth Challenge International Bible Institute, called it “compelling and timely,” and added, it “exposes revelation from God.”

Admittedly, The Depression Proof Church is not prophetic in the sense that the Holy Bible is prophetic, but it certainly has proven frighteningly predictive.


Consider Houston, Texas, America’s fourth largest city. Recent events provide several examples of the attacks now being faced by Christians nationwide. Houston is a logical place for the enemies of the Church to focus their attacks because, if they can establish precedents that damage the work of God in the very heart of the Bible Belt, they can succeed anywhere.

Not long ago, the mayor of Houston — a woman who was recently “married” to another woman — demanded that leading local pastors provide her administration with copies of their sermons. Since this is a clear violation of the U.S. Constitution as well as God’s higher law, she was forced to back down for the time being, but she isn’t through.

Even now the city council that she dominates is faced with a court order that requires that the council either put their so-called Equal-rights Ordinance on the November ballot or repeal it. This week the council voted to put it on the November ballot.

But the city of Houston has not limited itself to these two fronts in their over war against Christians. They are now determined to literally bulldoze two churches that have served their troubled neighborhood for decades, using the excuse that the city wants to condemn the property so that they can build something new.

Across America, the abuses against Christians and the insults to God are too numerous to list. When they look around them at the abuses, believers are asking how we can expect God to bless a nation so deeply steeped in sin, and have begun to pray “God save America” rather than “God bless America.”

Who would have imagined that there would be such seemingly concerted action — such carefully orchestrated conspiracies — to silence the voices of millions of Christians who have done nothing but good for the people of America and the world? The ebb and flow of public opinion made possible by social media demonstrate that we are now ruled by public passions, and that the end of America as a democratic republic cannot be far away.

Now we are hearing accusations of the atrocities against humanity committed by Planned Parenthood, evils so great that they can only be compared with the Nazi’s laboratory “experimentation” on human beings and their mass-production genocide of millions committed during the 1930s and 40s. The so-called Planned Parenthood organization has been “harvesting” the bodies of unborn babies for profit. Not since the Holocaust have we heard of such horrific crimes against humanity.

Even for far-sighted Christians, these terrible events that were predicted in The Depression Proof Church are arriving many years earlier than anticipated.  Many wonder whether we are beginning to witness the fulfillment of end-times prophecies recorded in Holy Scripture.

The widening attacks on Christians in general, and on the institutional Church in particular, along with the inability of Christian leaders to deal effectively with these attacks, is sobering. Far more sobering, however, is the fact that these attacks are even allowed, even welcomed, by public opinion.

Whether issues like “Inflategate” or Benghazi, our citizens seem indifferent to sin.  The attitude is, “Hey, these are not crimes. Everyone from the president down does this sort of thing. We all cheat, steal, and tell lies from time to time. Why get excited about it? What are you, some kind of fanatic Christian?” People seem interested only in their own illusions of security and comfort. Their reasoning seems to take place not in their heads and hearts, but somewhere between their navels and their knees.

Perhaps, as I wrote several years ago in The Depression Proof Church, our Christian leaders are at fault, because everything rises and falls on leadership, and the nation’s slide is a result of the failures of the Church. I can look back on my own years as a pastor and realize that I too often fell short. But self-recrimination will not bind our wounds or salve our consciouses. America has fallen on dark times, exemplified in a president who feels obliged to apologize for our past and mince into the future. As a people in general, we suffe

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