Suggestions for pastors who broadcast messages

Frank Becker, 1980

The Wuhan Virus epidemic has force upon most pastors the necessity of reaching their people through the Internet or not at all.

As a retired pastor, and someone who has had some unique experiences in ministry, especially dealing with small groups, I want to offer a suggestion or two that might enhance the presentations.

In the past your congregation was seated in an auditorium, and expected to see your worship leaders, vocalists, and musicians on the platform, with you speaking from a pulpit.

But now your congregation is sitting at home, and those who minister can take advantage of a far more intimate and personal situation by changing the venue a bit.

While your congregation is viewing you from their homes, it seems a bit odd to have you, the preacher, behind a lectern. To make them feel more like you are all in the same room, perhaps you can make your side of the camera feel more like their living rooms. You might consider using some furniture to evoke a sense of your presence.

For example, those who minister could be seated on the sort of furniture people have in their living rooms at home.

The pastor might preach while seated in a fairly straight-backed easy chair (to preserve his posture and appearance). The trick there is for the camera people not to capture anyone’s extended legs, as that makes them look unusually large.

This constitutes a rare opportunity for Pastor Webb to enter every member’s living room, and to establish an intimate rapport never before possible, producing a less formal, more conversational, and perhaps less intimidating service.

People in their own homes might actually feel more free about expressing their faith. And you might even involve the head of each household to take a role in the service, leading in prayer or receiving an offering to be forwarded on to the church.