Radio Ministries

From 1977 to 1982, Frank co-hosted Teletalk, a three-hour daily radio talk show on WHAZ that was heard throughout New York’s capital region. With the late Larry Foss, Frank fielded questions and offered comments dealing with everything from Bible content to the Christian’s role in an increasingly antagonistic world system. It wasn’t unusual for Frank and Larry to pray with a caller who wished to receive Jesus Christ as his personal Savior.

Pastor & Lew on Teletalk

In the photo above, taken about 1980, Pastor Becker interviews Lew Dunham (striped shirt), a godly family man and local bank manager.

Prior to hosting Teletalk Frank produced a daily radio program called “Reflections.” With his new commitment to the talk show, Frank’s wife Joy took charge of Reflections, and wrote and delivered the daily commentary for several years.


Joy and Frank, taken about Y2K

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