—By Frank Becker

Has the Covid-19 pandemic brought the Church full circle? Now that scientists are raising the specter of even more deadly viruses, are we now faced with finding a new way to fellowship—to evangelize the lost, and to edify the saints?

The churches in which we gathered last year were the result of 20 centuries of evolution. The early Church was very different from the Church that we experienced just a few months ago.

Have we come full circle? Is it time to return to the Church of the New Testament?

With leaders like Franklin Graham once declaring that “Our churches are dead,” is it time to look for an alternative? The former president of America’s largest conservative seminar thought so. Paige Patterson wrote:

“In a day of ‘how to’ manuals on church growth and effectiveness, to find a writer who tells the truth…is a breath of fresh air.” He went on to say, “Frank Becker, in this book, The Depression Proof Church: The Biblical Answer to a Church in Crisis, has clearly enunciated the one essential, namely, a return to the church of the New Testament.” And, finally, “We have to recover the New Testament pattern for churchmanship!”

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