We live in a time of world tension. There are wars and rumors of war. There is ethnic hatred, greater than the holocaust. No one seems to get along with anyone. Examples of public international conflicts are in the news daily. How we respond to these difficult situations, however, has a large impact on our stress levels, well being, and mental health.

My wife, the wonderful kindergarten teacher, has a simple answer. If everyone spent thirty minutes each day coloring, the world would fall in place. Peace would return and the world would relax. crayons symbolize having a carefree attitude, free from responsibility or obligations.

What could a box of crayons do for you?



Life in the Land: Series–Stories from the Church of the Holy Sepulcher

November 25, 2023

—As a kid I loved climbing the tree that stood on the east side of our home on Evelyn Drive so that I could crawl out on the roof and watch the cars go by, but I sure wouldn’t have wanted to live up there. Yet the Ethiopians actually do live up there and have for a long time. The rooftop of the Church of the Holy Sepulcher, the traditional site of the death and resurrection of Jesus, is thankfully flat and large enough for living quarters and even a monastery, but I’m sure the Ethiopians would prefer to worship inside the church like they once did. Now they are banished to the roof.

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A message preached by Frank Becker, at Calvary Chapel of the Brazos Valley, Texas, September 24, 2023.

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He leads me beside still waters…

The Church of our Lord Jesus Christ seem to be staggering as a result of external assaults and internal sin.

Frank Becker explores some of the reasons as discussed in Paul’s first letter to Timothy.

Are you Blameless?


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