The Depression Proof Church: The Biblical Answer to the Church in Crisis


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The Church is in crisis. It is threatened from within and without! Christians are suffering the greatest wave of persecution since the founding of the Church. From Pastor Saeed’s imprisonment and torture in Iran to the slaughter of Christians by jihadists in numerous nations, we are facing a global epidemic. Even in the U.S.A., the danger is not merely financial.

Mention of God and his salvation are now prohibited in the classroom, the Congress, and the community, and with the Church in increasing disfavor, how long will it be before those in power use taxation and the force of law to take control? Much of the criticism of the Church is justified. Franklin Graham recently stated that, “Our churches are dead!”
The Depression Proof Church goes to the heart of these problems, particularly dealing with the weaknesses of the Church in America.
Two Bible college presidents recommend The Depression Proof Church:
  • Dr. John Kenzy, formerly president of David Wilkerson’s Teen Challenge Institute, and for 30 years president of Youth Challenge International Bible Institute, wrote that The Depression Proof Church is, “Compelling and timely. Exposes revelation from God.”
  • And Dr. Fabienne Naomi-Smith, president of the Jacksonville Theological Seminary, instituted a graduate course based on this book.
  • The Rev Almon Bartholomew, former Superintendent of the New York District of the Assemblies of God calls it “…an excellent, timely, well targeted book.”
  • And Senator Stephen R. Wise of Florida wrote, “This hard hitting book challenges us to prepare for the dark days ahead by inspiring a return to biblical practices that many have forsaken in a self-defeating lust for ever larger churches. This important book thoroughly explores the crisis, exposes the frustrations, summarizes the symptoms, reveals the causes, and details how a return to biblical principles and practices will build up individual believers and revitalize the Church. The author, a former businessman, Christian talk show host, educator and pastor, exposes how the Church has become mired in a crisis of its own making. Instead of turning the world upside down for Christ, we’ve turned the Church inside out. The Church is depressed because it is failing, and it is failing because it has forsaken the very practices that New Testament believers found essential to fulfill the Great Commission.”

Order your copy of The Depression Proof Church: The Biblical Answer to the Church in Crisis today!

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