The Invitation

Think On These Things

By Brother Al Salay

AUGUST 16, 2019

Philippians 4:8

By Brother Al Salay

Finally, brethren,

Whatsoever things are true,

Whatsoever things are honorable,

Whatsoever things are just,

Whatsoever things are pure,

Whatsoever things are lovely,

Whatsoever things are of good report,

If there be any virtue, and

If there be any praise,

Think on these things.

—Philippians 4:8

Down through the ages of man’s time on this Earth, there has been a set of questions he has asked again and again. He has asked the wise men of his day. He has pondered with his own intellect and understanding. He has even looked to the stars of the universe. Most seekers have never found the answer. They have been looking in all the wrong places. The questions are:

Why am I here?”

Why am I alive?”

What does life mean to me?”

The questions are asked by Christians and non-Christians alike. Many have concluded that the answers to these questions cannot be known. Others believe simply that there is no reason and there is no answer.

One of the threads woven throughout the tapestry of the Holy Bible reveals the answer to this age old question. It reveals the sole purpose of human life. The answer is simply ~

Human life is an invitation to Heaven

Consider these 9 thoughts:

This place we call the world

Is only a snippet out of Eternity

Designed and created by God

With much love and care

So that men would have an opportunity

To conform their souls and spirits

To the character of God

And thus become a delight to Him

As citizens of His Kingdom.

The Questions:

Why am I here?”

Why am I alive?”

What does life mean to me?”

The Answer:

Human life is an invitation to Heaven

We are here because He wants us there !

To be conceived in the womb is to be invited into the Kingdom of Heaven.

The World

  1. This place we call the world~

The Earth and Sun, the Moon and stars, the hills, and plains, the streams and seas, the air we breathe and the plants around us, and every living creature, including ourselves and everything we can ever observe or experience.

There are so many things in this world. We could spend the next dozens of pages listing them. Eggs and ocelots, sun and sun burn, mice and mosquitoes. We might never finish. This is the world our God made.

There is the good hard ground on which we stand and the light by which we see where to go. There is the Spirit of God to guide us in the places where we cannot see well enough.

Sad to say, there is also an enemy, vile and strong, waiting for the chance to lead us astray, into paths of pain and destruction. To kill, steal and destroy is his aim. Lies are his tools.

There is much to be loved in the present world. We are born into it, we grow in it, discern it, prosper and multiply in it. Oh yes, there is love in this world. Our Heavenly Father planted that when He planted us.

By our experience, we may easily think the world is the only place there is. Certainly, when we are new babes here, it is all we know. What other place could there be, but “here?”

But “here” is very special.

In the eternal flow of things, the World is an entirely new place. It never existed before. It is special and unique. It was created where there was nothing. It was created for a purpose.

The world was created to serve the desires of the King of Heaven.


  • This place we call the world~
  1. Is only a snippet out of eternity ~

It is all temporary. It was all created for a purpose. It will become old and be folded up when its purpose is accomplished. Only the souls of men will remain.

The world is not the only place there is. It is like a sidecar to eternity. It may be a difficult thing for men and women to contemplate eternity. The idea of time stretching forward without end is a big task for our small minds. The knowledge of time reaching backward in equal degree may be even harder for us to conceive.

As eternity rolls ever onward, this world is present by its side, but for only a moment. It had a beginning and it will have an end. We who occupy it cannot clearly see either that beginning or that end. We may read of them and talk of them, but it is hard for us to comprehend a “no world” condition.

Before God created the heavens and the Earth we know, they did not exist. At some time in the future, chosen by God, they again will not exist as they do now.

The brevity of human life makes us see the lifetime of the world as long, but it is tiny by God’s perspective. What we see as eras and eons and ages of existence –

Is only a snippet out of eternity.

Try if you will to picture a wide golden ribbon, stretched before you, from left to right. To the left, let us say, it represents eternity past, and it reaches out of your sight. To the right, let it represent eternity future. Again, the great golden band stretches far away, disappearing in the distance. Now, right in front of you, on that bright golden band, imagine a small spot, a tiny region of bright red, a brilliant contrast on the golden ribbon.

That bright red spot, which is small and alone on the great golden ribbon of eternity, that spot represents the time of the created world. That is the tiny spot in which men live and die, conduct their wars and their abominations, and perhaps, repent and seek the God of the universe and His mercies.

Yes, a lifetime may seem long. The known history of the Earth, with its many generations, may seem to reach ”forever.”

But it is all a temporary scene.


  • This place we call the world~
  • Is only a snippet out of eternity ~
  1. Designed and created by God ~

Every aspect of the world comes from the hand and wisdom of God. Some was created from nothing. Other parts were made, assembled, molded from that which was created. All was done by God, according to His careful and purposeful design.

Nothing was left out. Nothing was by chance. Nothing was an after-thought or a patch-up. All was designed, by the Master Designer. All was crafted for a purpose. All was done in order:

First, the heavens and the barren Earth were created.

Then Light, an eternal feature of the realm of Heaven, the Glory of God, was given to the new creation. And the Light shined in the darkness.

Then came



sea life,


animals, etc.

Finally, all was prepared, all was in place, all was ready.

Then was Adam brought upon the scene. It was for Adam that all these preparations were made.

Adam was given the responsibility to tend the garden he had been given. He was given instructions for its use and told to take dominion over it.

And God saw every thing that He had made, and, behold, it was very good.”


  • This place we call the world~
  • Is only a snippet out of eternity ~
  • Designed and created by God ~
  1. With much love and care ~

Love is the reason for creation. Love demands care, excellence, provision for every need. God is love and God looked upon His creation and called it good. Our created world is a place of excellence.

Then the all-knowing God, the Creator of the universe, the author of Adam, looked upon His choice child and said, “It is not good that the man should be alone. I will make him an help meet for him.”

Thus God showed His love for Adam and his circumstance by providing for him a help meet, a companion, one who could be a friend and a comfort in the days of his life. The perfection of the creation was the first manifestation of His love. Here, in the provision of a helpmeet, is the second manifestation of His love. This was a gift from a God who already understood the emptiness of solitude

God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, King of the universe, surrounded by created angels, had no one to love Him. The very first of the Ten Commandments speaks of His desire for love. Created entities may obey but they do not love. This new creation, man, would have the choice to love His God. But he was made in the image of God. He also would desire love and fellowship. It would not be good for him to be alone. He who had no one with whom to share His heart foresaw that Adam would suffer the same aloneness.

The further evidences of this love, out of which the very creation of the World came, are recorded again and again throughout the expanse of human history.

The creation was good, pure, and holy and presented in love.


  • This place we call the world~
  • Is only a snippet out of eternity ~
  • Designed and created by God ~
  • With much love and care ~
  1. So that men would have an opportunity ~

God gave a gift of time during which men would have the freedom to

– learn about their opportunity,

– understand the character of God and

– decide to emulate Him.

God gave man a garden in which to grow.

This is the root and main purpose of creation. There is a time, fixed in Heaven, during which men may respond to God. This time is further limited by our life spans within the greater window. While life remains the opportunity remains.

The Bible is clear. It tells us of the beginning, the creation. It tells us of the end. It tells us that the Spirit of God will not always strive with men. It is clear that the present status is a temporary one. It may seem long by human perspective, but it is not endless. Just as Eden was a garden for a time, so this whole Earth is a garden for a season.

We are free to choose. We can love God or ignore Him. We can honor God or we can deny Him. We can seek His righteousness or we can revel in our own temporary authority. We can walk in obedience or we can walk in the pride of life.

Our lifetime is our opportunity. While the Earth remains and we remain upon it, we can choose to become followers of the Living God or we can choose to be disobedient self-servers.

Our lifetime is our “Hour of Decision.”


  • This place we call the world~
  • Is only a snippet out of eternity ~
  • Designed and created by God ~
  • With much love and care ~
  • So that men would have an opportunity ~
  1. To conform their souls and spirits ~

This is a purposeful act of submission. It is something man does out of love and understanding. It is the result of a decision.

Oh! What an ugly word! Conform! How it goes against the independent spirits of men!

Will a man love God?

Will a man love God more than he loves His creation.?

Will a man love God more than his own desires?

Will a man love God more than his own ideas?

Some of these issues are subtle.

They sneak up on us unawares.

Sometimes we cling to His creations more than we cling to Him.

Why must we conform? Why can’t we just be “us?” The answer is that we can just be “us” – but then we cannot be sons of God. Because sons are like their father.

One who would become a Son of God and a joint heir with Jesus Christ must earnestly seek to be like the Father and like His Son. The goal may never be completely fulfilled in this earthly life, even with the faithful assistance of the Holy Spirit. Nonetheless, the goal must be pursued. The heart must be set. To conform is an on-going, life-long effort.

This is not a matter of what the body accomplishes. It is a matter of what the heart desires. God looks on the heart. It is the intents of man that move the heart and hand of God. We are human, and as such we are frail in body and in spirit. That is why we need a Savior! That Savior, Jesus, came for all who would receive Him. When we do that we admit our shortcomings and commit to pursue His righteousness. We pledge to conform.

We dedicate our lives to mirror the character of God.


  • This place we call the world~
  • Is only a snippet out of eternity ~
  • Designed and created by God ~
  • With much love and care ~
  • So that men would have an opportunity ~
  • To conform their souls and spirits ~
  1. To the character of God ~

Becoming more and more like Him. Putting on the mind of Christ. Emulating Him.

It is not the things of the world to which man must conform, such as tradition or custom. It is the character of God that must become the basis of our thoughts and our actions.

One might ask, “How can I know the character of God?” The response is simple: study His revelations, His written Word, gathered together, preserved by Him and passed down through generations. It is our treasure trove. It is the means by which we may learn His character and take it to be our own.

From beginning to end, the Bible is a revelation of the character of God. To know the character of God immerse yourself in His written Word. Invite His Holy Spirit to bring it to life in your understanding. Commit to making the transfer of that understanding to the consistent flow of your life.

As you go, remember –

The underlying and overwhelming essence of God’s character is love.


  • This place we call the world~
  • Is only a snippet out of eternity ~
  • Designed and created by God ~
  • With much love and care ~
  • So that men would have an opportunity ~
  • To conform their souls and spirits ~
  • To the character of God ~
  1. And thus become a delight to Him ~

To be like God is to bless God. Even amongst men it is said that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. His delight is that we should be holy as He is holy.

What an awesome thought.

What an awesome opportunity.

To bring delight to my Creator,

Is such a thing even possible?

The Bible says, in Proverbs 8:15,

The sacrifice of the wicked is an abomination to the LORD: but the prayer of the upright is his delight.

Matthew Henry says about this segment:

God has such a love for upright good people that, though they are not at the expense of a sacrifice (he himself has provided that), their prayer is a delight to him. Praying graces are his own gift, and the work of his own Spirit in them, with which he is well pleased. He not only answers their prayers, but delights in their addresses to him, and in doing them good.

David realized this principle. In Psalm 116, in verses 1- 10 we see him reflecting on all the great things God had done for him. There were so many. For example, v8

For thou hast delivered my soul from death, mine eyes from tears, and my feet from falling.”

He ponders the question: How can he respond? How can he show to God his appreciation for His many ministries to him? Verse 12,

What shall I render unto the Lord for all His benefits toward me?”

Indeed! What shall WE render unto the Lord for all His benefits to us?

Then, in a flash, in verse 13, he has the answer:

I will take the cup of salvation, and call upon the name of the Lord.”

David is saying that his response to the wonderful gifts of God is simply to receive and accept those gifts, then to call on God for more needs.

God is delighted to answer our prayers. Why? Because

The prayers of the upright show our faith in Him.


  • This place we call the world~
  • Is only a snippet out of eternity ~
  • Designed and created by God ~
  • With much love and care ~
  • So that men would have an opportunity ~
  • To conform their souls and spirits ~
  • To the character of God ~
  • And thus become a delight to Him ~
  1. As citizens of His Kingdom.

Citizens of Heaven. Honored residents. Esteemed chosen guests.

We become citizens of His Kingdom because we have taken the opportunity to conform to His character. This is the source of His delight.

What is the kingdom that we have become citizens of? Where is it, how, when?

What does it mean to be a citizen?

It means you belong there! You are not a visitor, an outsider, an observer. You are in your own home, your permanent residence, your abode for ever.

The Invitation To The Kingdom Is From Jesus

Jesus was led up of the Spirit into the wilderness to be tempted of the devil. When that challenge was over, he departed into Galilee and began His ministry.

Matthew 4:17 (KJV)

From that time Jesus began to preach, and to say, Repent: for the kingdom of heaven is at hand. “

Matthew 4:23 (KJV)

And Jesus went about all Galilee, teaching in their synagogues, and preaching the gospel of the kingdom, and healing all manner of sickness and all manner of disease among the people. “

Our invitation is to the kingdom, but what is the kingdom?

Again and again in the Gospels we find a phrase such as, “The kingdom of heaven is at hand,” or “The kingdom of heaven is like unto . . . “

The message of Jesus was not about how men can have a better life on Earth. For the most part, His message was not even about Himself. His message was the Gospel of the Kingdom of God.

We often talk about other aspects of Jesus’ life and ministry. We talk of His encounters with unbelievers and of His healings of those afflicted by illnesses. We celebrate the wonderful occasion of His birth. At other times we focus on the cross, where, by His blood, He made our redemption possible. We look ahead to His return to whisk us away from the calamities of Earth.

The question stands, redemption to what?

Jesus is telling us to get ready for the kingdom, that it is close and will be here soon. If we are to become citizens of the Kingdom of God, we really ought to take the time to learn all we can about that Kingdom. We should consider why we have been invited, and how we should respond. We should look forward to our entry there.

What The Kingdom Is

Before we can understand the Kingdom of God we need to focus on understanding just what is meant by the term “kingdom.”

When we think of a kingdom we think of a place, a realm, a location. We think of a destination that can be identified by landmarks and relationships with other places. It is a place to which one may go and a place from which one may come. 

A kingdom is a place.

Also, a kingdom, by definition, is governed by a king. A king is a person, an individual. The king has absolute authority in the kingdom. It is he who determines who is allowed to enter the kingdom and reside there.

Earthly kings have created kingdoms. Some have persisted for generations. The Kingdom of God will persist for ever, throughout the golden ribbon of Eternity

Yes, we will be citizens of a very special kingdom, The Kingdom of God. The ceremony by which we will become citizens of the Kingdom of God is clear. Jesus described it for us in Matthew 25;34 –

Then shall the King say unto them on his right hand,

Come ye blessed of my Father,

inherit the kingdom

prepared for you

from the foundation of the world.“

Human life is an invitation to Heaven

We are here because He wants us there !

Presented by Brother Al Salay

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