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Ask yourself this question: “With thousands of devoted Jews in Palestine, why did God have to send Wise Men nearly a thousand miles to bring Jesus the gold that his family would need to escape Herod’s wrath?

Then read “Saving Jesus: The Untold Story of the Wise Men,” to learn why!



Someone has described both of Frank’s non-fiction books as “emergency preparedness manuals.” Click on any of the links below to learn more about the books and learn what others have said about them.

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That makes sense for “You Can TRIUMPH OVER TERROR because it is, in fact, an emergency preparedness manual. It offers guidance for those who wish to survive both natural and man-created disasters.

“The Depression Proof Church,  on the other hand, deals with the decline of the Christian Church in America, and what can and should be done about it. So, in a very real sense, it’s an emergency preparedness manual for the Church.

And although the six novels in The Star Spangled Banner Series are sometimes sobering,  they are also very entertaining and  a lot of fun to read.

Check out the “The Chronicles of C.C.” All six of the titles, incidentally, are taken from the fourth stanza of “The Star Spangled Banner:”


War’s Desolation

The Heav’n Rescued Land

Freemen Shall Stand

Our Cause It Is Just

Conquer We Must

In God We Trust.

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  1. THE DEPRESSION PROOF CHURCH has been selected as core-curriculum for the course, “The Depression Proof Church,” at Jacksonville Theological Seminary, Jacksonville, Florida.

    “The Depression Proof Church,” Graduate course MN5643,is based on the book by Frank Becker, with course material prepared by Dr. Albert Simpson, Jr. This course provides Biblical answers to the Church in crisis. This course exposes the frustrations, summarizes the symptoms, reveals the causes and details how a return to Biblical principles and practices will build up individual believers and revitalize the Church.

    For more information, examine the Student Catalog at the seminary’s website,

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