“The Heav’n Rescued Land” (Book 2 in the Chronicles of CC)

The Heav’n Rescued Land

Book 2 in The Chronicles of CC

BOOK 2, "The Heav'n Rescued Land"The Star Spangled Banner Series


The takeover of America, and the war that followed, was inevitable. The conquest had taken place in the minds of the people long before the first bomb fell. Too many had been willing to let others do their thinking for them in exchange for free food, housing, and health care. They casually traded America’s unique birthright of freedom for the empty promises of government entitlements. Now, weeks after the conflagration, vast areas of the nation remain uninhabitable. Untold millions have died, and many more will perish simply because they have not prepared to survive. They will die unnecessarily because they are unnecessarily and willfully ignorant. Two kinds of people have survived. The first consists of those who sowed the seeds of disaster while feathering their own nests. The second are those forward-thinking Americans who read and responded to the handwriting on the wall. Instead of providing themselves with more comfortable life styles, they invested their limited resources to prepare for a catastrophe they prayed would never occur. Few others survived. Among those who foresaw the evil, and prepared for it, is an amnesiac who calls himself “CC.” Like other survivors, he needs protection from inclement weather, from nuclear radiation, from America’s invaders, and from other human predators. The Heav’n Rescued Land traces his desperate efforts to survive the war, discover his identity, and resist America’s invaders. The Chronicles of CC, have been described by readers as a realistic, almost-prophetic picture of what might overtake America in the near future. It’s a must-read for anyone concerned with the de-Christianization of America.

About the Author

Frank Becker has been an entrepreneur, politician, pastor, school administrator, and radio talk show host. He is founder and president of Cross Trainers Ministries, now celebrating it’s tenth anniversary. Frank and his wife Joy have been married nearly 50 years. They live near Houston.

Most Helpful Customer Reviews

By Laura L Hope on August 1, 2014

This book reads like Mr. Becker has been there. The details of wilderness survival and peaceful preparation are well researched and knowledgeable. Worth the read for that reason alone. But the continuing saga of CC’s life and those of his wilderness group is spell-binding and I found myself speed reading so that I could hurry up and find out what would happen next. You can read each book individually, as Mr. Becker gives enough info to catch the reader up, but you would enjoy the whole series much more. I write few reviews compared to the amount of items I purchase from Amazon, but these books merit the attention and praise. Highly recommend.

5 Stars, The Excitement Continues!

By Kevin Nicholas on April 10, 2014

What’s there to say but it is a good story with interesting characters and development. It leaves me wondering just how things will continue to unfold.

This book ends with a “cliffhanger.” So am thankful the third book is now available which I am grabbing right now!

5 Stars, Excellent Read!

By cp on March 10, 2014

Format: Kindle Edition
Perfectly timed, perfectly executed… The Heav’n Rescued Land is a wild and bumpy tale that follows the survivors as they try to figure out how to live, and not just live, but truly live.

5 Stars,The Heav’n Rescued Land

By Helen R. Allison on February 3, 2014

The story is well written, thought provoking and timely. Mr. Becker’s development of the characters is delightful. Finding a book written from the Christian perspective is difficult these days.
Thank you Mr. Becker. I can’t wait for the next one!
Helen Allison

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