Week Thirteen, 2022

The Spirit and the bride say, “Come!” And let the one who hears say, “Come!” Let the one who is thirsty come; and let the one who wishes take the free gift of the water of life. Revelation 22:17

On a recent sojourn to Egypt, early one morning we were awakened at four in the morning and drove south from Aswan over the Sahara Desert to watch the sun ride over the desert and then further south towards the border of Sudan.

The Sahara Desert is the world’s largest hot desert in the world and covers much of North Africa covering 9,200,000 square kilometers which is comparable to the area of China or the US. It gets as hot as 130 degrees in the daytime and temperatures drop dramatically at night, due to the lack of humidity, and can reach lows of 20 degrees. It gets less than one inch or rain each year. It is 8% of the earth’s land area. It is truly a barren area.

As we drove further south, suddenly I saw a canal and thousands of acres of bright green wheat growing.

The Egyptians have built canals to bring fresh water into the desert and the result is amazing as the barren desert blooms with agriculture. As I gazed out the window, I thought of Isaiah 41:18 “I will open rivers on the barren heights, and fountains in the middle of the valleys. I will turn the desert into a pool of water, and the dry land into flowing springs.” Isaiah 41:18

Water is mentioned a total of 722 times in the Bible, more often than faith, hope, prayer, and worship. Isaiah 43:19 mentions “streams in the desert” as part of a promise to God’s people: “Behold, I am about to do something new; even now it is coming. Do you not see it? Indeed, I will make a way in the wilderness and streams in the desert” (BSB). The imagery is also rendered “rivers in the dry wasteland” (NLT) and “rivers in the desert.”

The water of life for the desert is from the canal. The water of our life is Jesus. But whoever drinks of the water that I will give him shall never thirst; but the water that I will give him will become in him a well of water springing up to eternal life. John 4:14.

Have you received the water of life?



Often times, I have the opportunity to share about the need for and the importance of us “getting off the bench and doing something – getting out of the pew and putting our faith to work.”

And often, the question will come: “How do we put our faith to work?”

In response, these 5 things came to mind:

1) By living what we say we believe. That is by glorifying God through our day-to-day living… through our work… through our fun… even in the mundane.

2) By doing what Jesus did – loving others, helping others, sharing life with others. Not because we have to but, because He first did for us.

3) By going therefore – That is, by going to make disciples. Whether next door, down the hall, across the country or around the world. Put your faith into action.

4) By loving your neighbor as your self (goes back to number 2). And who is your neighbor? Everyone – even if they don’t look like you. Overcome hate and disdain with love. Shine where you are.

5) By taking up our cross daily and following Him… loving Him with all our heart, soul, mind and strength – loving him with all that we are. Love like Jesus. See as He sees. Respond like would respond. Allow His heart to become our heart.

Let’s be clear – Faith and faith alone in Jesus Christ, the Son of God is what saves us. But as we live and grow in our faith in Him, we are called then to put our faith to work. So others can see Him in us… so others might know of His great love, grace and mercy.

Now is the time for us to shine, to be a light in a dark world… or at least our little part of it. Go now… “Get off the bench and do something… get out of the pew and put your faith to work.” Marty Stubblefield

— o —

To be born in America was an accident

To live in America is a privilege

To fight for America is a responsibility



Life has many twists and turns and sometimes what looks like a very bad day can be just clearing the way for good things to come. J. Kim Wright.

God Leads and Provides for His People. John Gibson

The harder the conflict, the greater the triumph. George Washington

God’s plan for your situation may seem peculiar. And you may even be reluctant to try it. Obey the impressions of God upon your heart. Florida Marketplace Ministry

Grief is the price we pay for love. Queen Elizabeth II

The best preparation for tomorrow is doing your best today.” H. JACKSON BROWN, JR.

Today—with the tomb empty—marking the fulfillment of God’s plan, we are assured the promise of a path to eternal life, available for you and for me. The question for us for today, and every day, is this—have we embraced and claimed, or will we embrace and claim, the promise of eternal life with the One who loves us? There is no question or decision more important in your life and mine, right now, than making sure of our place with Him in eternity. A thought to ponder—but not for too long. Scott Whitaker