God Is Not Double Minded!

Frank in the Swiss Alps, below the ski resort used in a James Bond movie.

—By Frank Becker, May 28, 2020

God is not double minded!

He has but one will, and it is perfect.

The fact that he allows us to violate His will reveals not that he is double-minded, but that he is not a puppeteer or a dictator. We are not robots or puppets or stick men. God breathed life into Adam.

Adam was innocent, but not perfect, for a perfect man would not have fallen. The only perfect man is Jesus Christ. We are as free to fail or triumph as Adam was.

If we receive Christ as Savior, and make him Lord of our lives—then we have the provision to succeed where Adam failed. But if we fail, we have an advocate or attorney with the Father, who intercedes for us—our Lord Jesus.

But God is the perfect disciplinarian—as we see demonstrated throughout his infallible Word—from Genesis to Revelation. To often, our lives seem like a microcosm of the Book of Judges., where every man did what was right in his own eyes. Certainly that seems to be the description of most people today.

How dare we force a test on our Lord, or presume upon some doctrine of security!

We also have a contract—The New Covenant—”the law of love” and “the law of liberty,” and it remains to be seen whether we have entered into it with all our hearts.

It is not the durability of our own hearts, but the faithfulness of the Holy Spirit, Who will see us through the trials of penury and the tests of plenty. Lean not unto your own understanding, but trust in God!”