Thoughts on the Pandemic

Frank Becker

It’s obvious that this pandemmic is very serious, and that people like me, aged 80 and above, are particularly threatened.

Nonetheless, it’s also obvious that politicians and pundits sometimes find it to their ungodly advantage to inflate and falsify the dangers .

For example, we have all see photos of people waiting peacefully in line outside grocery stores, but the pundits speak of panic and even rioting.

Yet I haven’t read a single article pointing out that the average American family formerly either dined out or ordered delivery or take out for at least one meal every day, not to speak of meals at school and work. This means that those people who once dined out must now buy the equivalent amount of groceries from a market and try to learn to cook again.

That’s a sea change in sources of food—from restaurant to grocery store— and no small amount of food either. To make matters worse, most people buy more of some items than they need, either because they are not familiar with what they need or because they are being careful to get enough. And some are hoarding.

Obviously the markets are experiencing difficulties in keeping their shelves stocked. So, be patient. Don’t buy more than you need. Give the system time to catch up.

And trust the Lord. He promised every faithful believer that he would provide our daily bread.