The Honey Bee…

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Week Five, 2023

Have you ever considered the similarities between a colony of honey bees and an truly on-fire Christian fellowship?

You’ll be amazed!



He leads me beside still waters…

The Church of our Lord Jesus Christ seem to be staggering as a result of external assaults and internal sin.

Frank Becker explores some of the reasons as discussed in Paul’s first letter to Timothy.

Are you Blameless?


Moxie’s last Devotional: “Christmas is Coming”

Dr. Jeremy Stopford, Semi-retired Pastor

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Back in ye old Bible times, you wouldn’t think that women would be given much attention, much less praise, but that’s not how things were!

Of course, a great deal of attention was given to women who wielded power, like Herodias, wife of King Herod, and Queen Cleopatra of Egypt. Sure, you say,. but they weren’t typical women. You might argue that the typical woman was despised and exploited.

But not by the Lord Jesus Christ. He honored, respected and elevated women, and commanded that his followers, through all generations, do likewise. Are you skeptical?

Read on to learn more!


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