Week thirty-nine 2021

I thought about my strong body and how I could bear the weight and endurance of life only because of the bones inside that I had seen only on an Xray. Without those bones, I would be limp as a dishrag and fall like a ball of clay, but my bones give me strength, just as rebar gives concrete strength.

Imagine your life as concrete for a moment… What kinds of rebar can we insert into our own lives to provide extra strength and help us resist cracking, breakage, and stress?

We’ve all been there. Life takes us right to the edge where the pressure layers on, and we’re on the verge of breaking. The tensions in our lives create stress, and just like concrete, we begin to develop cracks on our surface.

What can we do to keep from collapsing?________________________________

The Straight Gate is the Only Gate!

By Semi-Retired Pastor, Jeremy “Moxie” Stopford

There is a story told about a little boy visiting New York City for the very first time. Perhaps one day in YOUR life YOU were that little boy!

I know I was that boy once! I grew up about 30 miles outside of the Big Apple. So when my parents took me to New York City, well, that was a special day!

The wise parents thought their son would enjoy traveling on the train, so they took him to the majestic Grand Central Station. Dad went to the ticket counter and bought two adult tickets and one child’s ticket for the train. And then? And then they went to a GATE. Up to this point, the little boy could only hear the noise of the hustle and bustle of the traffic of the train station. He could only hear the occasional train whistle. He could only hear the distant “All Aboard” of some shouting conductor. Those noises were far away. Before him was The Gate.

There was only ONE GATE into Grand Central Station [ok, ok, I’m embellishing the story a tad – can you imagine only ONE GATE for a zillion people who enter and leave Grand Central Station each day?

But listen on!] Dad gave the little boy his ticket and gave him the instructions as to what to do with the ticket. With excitement, the little boy gave his ticket to the Nice Man by the ONE GATE. And then the Nice Man said, “Welcome, son, into the joy of Grand Central Station!”.

There is only one Gate into heaven!

Have you discovered it?


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