WEEK 21, 2021

Genealogy can be fascinating, especially now with so much displayed online. I have been able to trace my family all the way back to Saxony in the ninth century. I have tracked them to France, to England and to Scotland. They were on the wrong political side and were forced to come to the Massachusetts Bay Colony in the 1620’s.

Peter Grant and others went on establish the town of Berwick in the Colony of Maine. Peter Grant was my fourth great grandfather. In the public records I found his will. It gave his testimony to his faith in Jesus Christ and spelled out his Christian beliefs, which he passed along to those who would continue in his family in the years to come. That’s me and is my inheritance from him.

Just as I am an heir to Peter Grant, likewise I am an heir to Jesus because I am adopted into his family.

Are you an adopted child of God?



By Jeremy Stopford

Have you ever heard someone say, “Well, I SWEAR!”. Often, those 3 little words are followed by a very much expletive NOT deleted. How do you respond? We who love the Lord Jesus as Savior should be interested in how – or even WHY – the Savior takes the time to deal with this subject!

How Do You Respond?


Frank Becker’s Summer Speaking Schedule

Frank will be speaking the first two Sundays in June and all four Sundays in July at Faith Temple Baptist Church, in Spring, Texas, while Pastor Bill Bright takes a much deserved vacation.

Frank, and his wife Joy, have been residents of Spring for the past 20 years. Joy taught English at Klein ISD for fourteen years, and is now very active with Global Media Outreach, helping inquirers to find and follow Christ.

Frank founded and pastored churches and Christian schools in upstate New York, and spent a number of years co-hosting a daily Christian radio talk show in the state capital.

He founded Cross Trainers Ministries in 2005. Among that ministries achievements is the funding of orphanage in Hyderabad India.

The Joy Becker Home, Hyderabad, India

Apart from his involvement with Cross Trainers, Frank founded Home Church ministries, and taught numerous Bible studies. He also publishes the work of many contemporary preachers at

And he has somehow found time to write and publish nine books.

Among these is “The Depression Proof Church: The Biblical Answer to the Church in Crisis,” which received an enthusiastic review from Paige Patterson, former head of the Southern Baptist Convention.

Frank’s most recent offering is a historical novel, “Saving Jesus: The Untold Story of the Wise Men.”

In spite of these accomplishments, Frank has been absent from the pulpit for several years, and is extremely conscious of his need for the anointing of the Holy Spirit in order to bless and encourage the congregation. He covets your prayers.

Frank is scheduled to preach at the 11 am services on June 6th and 13th, and every Sunday in July, at Faith Temple Baptist Church, 5318 Spring Stuebner, Spring, Texas.


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