“The Sermon On the Mount—and Beyond!”

Introduction: Part 2

Last week we began our study in perhaps the most famous “sermon” of all time, Jesus’ “Sermon on the Mount” (SOTM). As you recall from last week, our Savior here is in the process of training His disciples – yet a “MULTITUDE” of people are listening in as well!

Did you catch how the “SOTM” begins? Let’s read again Matthew 5:2, “Then He opened His mouth and taught them, saying…” [my emphasis]. “He opened His mouth”! Isn’t this how all speeches of importance begin? Isn’t this how all professors begin their lectures? Isn’t this how all teachers begin their class? So then WHY is this so important?

It’s an important lesson for all of us.


John Grant’s …

Week Four, 2021

The Blue Jackets Manual

The Blue Jackets Manual helps U.S. Navy personnel know and exhibit those character traits that have made our navy the greatest in the world, but are also the final test of a man. It stresses knowledge, energy, self-control, and justice. It is often referred to as the Bible of the Navy.

As Christ followers, we too have a manual. It is The Holy Bible. It’s like God’s owner’s manual for your life. Like any good owner’s manual, the Bible gives you instructions to consult when you need help. It is our manufacturer’s instruction manual.

Eighty-seven percent of American homes have a Bible, but few benefit from them.

Do you?


Too Frightened to Follow?

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Frank Becker

I lived through World War II and a dozen that followed, always under the shadow of nuclear holocaust. But in my 80 years, I have never witnessed so many challenges to the human race in so short a period of time.

Consider the saber-rattling from China, Russia, and a score of lesser nations. Factor in the Chinese Virus pandemic, the world’s faltering economies, America’s own vicious political infighting, the encouragement by the left of violent crime, and the corruption of our media.

While some properly recognize these as the methods Hitler and Stalin used to subvert their nations, these all have foundation in Jesus’ prophecies concerning the end times. Before his return, there will be wars, earthquakes, pestilence, and distress of nations (Luke 21:8-11). These are signs of the times.

But these are not times for Christians to bury their heads in the sand and attempt to avoid reality.

Here’s what we are to do!


Just for fun, check out Frank’s efforts at portrait painting

Sandra Joy Becker Bernatowicz, oil on canvas, by Frank Becker
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