My Testimony: 50 years “in Christ”

By Jeremy Stopford, Semi-retired Pastor

STOP THE PRESSES! HOLD YOUR HORSES! GIVE A LISTEN! Just WHERE is this week’s edition of the “Sermon on the Mount” study? Sorry, dear people. The study in Matthew has been set aside for at least one week for a very important announcement: Yesterday in church, I had the privilege of sharing about an amazing event which will actually take place sometime tonight (July 26, 2021).

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Week Thirty, 2021

On a recent drive through the mountains in the Blue Ridge, I saw how much it had grown since the last time I was there, a lot. It is known as the plant that is eating the south. Kudzu was introduced from Japan to the United States at the Philadelphia Centennial Exposition in 1876 as an ornamental and a forage crop plant. The Civilian Conservation Corps and southern farmers planted kudzu to reduce soil erosion. Big mistake.

Kudzu has trailing and climbing, hairy stem that grow at speed of one foot per day. One root produces up to 30 vines that can reach length of 60 feet per season. It covers and smothers out underlying vegetation. It is truly an invasive species. It starts out small and gets bigger…. and bigger.

So, what’s this have to do with me?

Are You “Free Indeed?”

A message preached by Frank Becker at Faith Temple Baptist Church, Spring, TX, July 11, 2021,

Which came first, “A nation conceived in liberty and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal, or a group of re-created and born-again men and women who were free indeed?

This morning, I will argue that a great nation can only be born when a significant portion of its citizens have become “free indeed.”

Don’t let the naysayers confuse you. America was born a “Christian nation.”

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(Frank is scheduled to speak at at the 11 am service, Faith Temple Baptist Church, Spring, Texas. July 25th.)


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