Our highways are marked to prevent accidents and guide us on our journeys. Reflectors are now standard installations of all major roads and highways. They are t here to help mark our way. White reflectors are placed along white traffic lines; yellow reflectors are placed along yellow traffic lines. Red reflectors tell drivers they are going the wrong way up a one-way ramp or that they should not enter. Blue reflectors mark fire hydrants. There is one of those in front of my house.

The Bible, too, has many markers. Abraham built an alter and so did Isaac. They were markers to identify significant events in God’s journey through spiritual history. In our lives there are spiritual markers that denote our spiritual journey through life. They are things, events, that remind us of significant events, truths, seasons or decisions in our lives.

Consider possible markers in your own life.



By Jeremy Stopford, (who can’t make up his mind as to whether he’s a retired pastor)

Like John Grant, in his article below, I, too, looked up at the ceiling for 24 hours! Staring up at the ceiling was all I was allowed to do after my pacemaker was implanted!

But you ought to read the rest of the story, because….

“The heart is deceitful and desperately wicked. Who can know it?”



Being in the hospital was a spiritual experience. I spent more time laying on my back than Michelangelo did when he painted the Cistine ceiling. When you are on your back, all you can do is look up, and I did.

I thought….. God, is this the beginning of the end? Is it a life changer? Then …. God, why did you let me survive this attack when others don’t?

What is my mind fixed on? The Bible tells us to fix our eyes on Jesus, the author and perfecter of our faith. Hebrews 12:2.

Do you need a heart attack to make you lie down and look up?



By semi-retired pastor Jeremy Stopford

An “instrument” is a tool which left by itself is of no value. For Christmas one year my wife gave me a wonderful vice for my workbench. I immediately attached it and dreamed about all the good that I could do with this new instrument of help. However, over the course of time, you know what happened! Like many tables, the workbench got covered with STUFF: tools not put away, unfinished projects, and the like. The “instrument” designed to be a big help was now…USELESS!.

We are to be instruments of God to communicate his mysteries to others. How are you doing?

Is it a mystery to you?



Week Twenty, 2022

Isaiah warned the people of the earth that God was terribly angry because of their evil. But compare Isaiah’s world with our world today, and you’ll realize that God must be even angrier at us. Look around!!!!

We have allowed the Devil to subvert our land; he has whispered that the Bible is a myth; that man created God; that bad is good and when we need help, to pray “Our Father, which art in Washington.”

Read on to learn why God’s wrath is on our nation.

Will our nation get right with God before it’s too late?


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